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With over 65k followers across platforms, I have cultivated an engaged audience and earned credibility among healthcare professionals in the media.


I work with a production company to produce high quality videos. ​


TikTok and Instagram have both announced their plans to focus on boosting original, high quality, educational videos. They will be pushing this content in their algorithms.

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Patient Scripts


My other successful videos involve conversations between a fictional patient and doctor to help give patients tools to ask their healthcare providers for genetic testing. 


With training in acting and vocal performance, I can make fun music or comedy videos more likely to go viral.


Being in Los Angeles, I have the ability to bring in comedians, actors, or other content creators for an extra fee.

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“Dena was wonderful to work with. She brought inventive, creative ideas to the table – and also was happy to incorporate our input for these videos. The final videos were really well done, and expanded our reach to a brand-new population (and thousands of new people). I highly recommend working with Dena!”

Anna Goodson,

Communications Director, SADS Foundation

As you can see, there is a large need for this information on social media...

Social media creates a huge opportunity to spread awareness, educate, and provide patients with information to self-refer to different programs, registries, research advocacy groups or genetic counseling. It also provides an amazing opportunity to educate patients about your products, services, or groups.

In addition, this is a large audience that has not previously been exposed to genetic testing or the availability of genetic counseling. This includes many patients from underserved populations who never would have heard of genetic counseling or genetic diseases outside of TikTok or Instagram. 

Patients are on social media and have questions. I'd like to provide them with accurate information in addition to an easy way to connect them to services they need. 

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Dena DNA

A Bit  About

Dena is a board-certified genetic counselor with 8 years of clinical experience. She founded, a social media brand with a mission to spread awareness of medical genetics and genetic counseling to the general public through media and marketing techniques not typically used by the medical community. With experience in design and marketing, Dena has consulted for several major laboratories and created content for many companies and organizations in the genetics space. Dena draws, animates, writes, voices, films, edits, and posts different types of content. With her years of social media experience, she has a finger on the pulse of trending topics and helps healthcare professionals communicate science to a lay audience. She has also appeared as an expert on TV news segments and podcasts.

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